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Cellulite is a skin condition, characterized as dimpled skin, affects more than 85% of women.  There are very few treatments than can actually fix or reduce cellulite.  Even some of our fittest clients, living the active community of Denver, Colorado, face cellulite issues.  Cellulite does not result from poor diet or lack of exercise.  Primarily hormones, vascular changes, and inflammation form cellulite. It can be improved with a series of painless treatments with SmoothShapes.

use for smooth shapes laserSmoothShapes is the only FDA approved laser that actually reduces and treats cellulite, and is non-invasive. It works by moving the laser over the cellulite while the energy in the laser light makes the fat cell membrane permeable. The laser energy absorbed in the fat elevates its temperature and makes it easier for the liquefied fat to move out of the cell. Rollers on the laser hand piece and suction transport fat from intracellular space into the lymphatic system for elimination by the body. This treatment feels like a heated massage and takes anywhere from 30-90 minutes.  It can take up to 12 treatments to get the desired result.

During the treatment process, we will customize a detoxification program specific to you in order to achieve maximum results.  The detoxification program is included in your package, along with other tools to ensure success.  Prices vary depending on which area/areas. The areas that can be treated are thighs, buttocks, knees, hips, abdomen, waist, and back.  You can expect that SmoothShapes will provide long lasting results in treating cellulite. Additional potential benefits may include:  improved skin tone, texture, elasticity, as well as better fitting clothes.


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Our laser technicians are highly trained to perform these treatments for you and also knowledgeably guide you through the process.  It is always important to have a free consultation with us to meet our staff, and learn more about our lasers.  Call us for your free consultation in our beautiful spa conveniently located in Downtown Denver.  We are confident that you will enjoy the feel and overall results of this service!

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