Denver Laser Hair Removal


hair removal pic useOh, the hassle of unwanted hair! Some of us have conditions that cause hair growth in areas that are not typical. Some women have hormonal imbalances which cause us to grow hair on the face, chest, and neck! We completely understand the difficulty in dealing with this problem. Even the owner of Rhianna’s struggled with her own facial hair. This is very normal and if you are struggling with this hair growth pattern please feel confident that we will take this problem off your hands. Laser hair removal is life changing and is something that we all here at Rhianna’s have a passion for!

There are many reasons for unwanted hair growth that are mainly hormonal related but also can be just plain hereditary. If you add up all money you spend on shaving, waxing and buying razors it would be a mini fortune. Not to mention the time spent on shaving or waxing appointments just to have the hair come right back. Trust that you will be very happy with laser hair removal and we always promise to give you the best possible service in the process.

Many men develop hair on their backs, necks, shoulders, lower backs and buttocks. We understand this is no fun for you, and we have several clients we treat to remove this unwanted hair. Do not be shy around us  We are happy to treat and zap the hair away!

We are equipped with a Cynosure Elite Laser that has both the 755 Alexandrite and the1064 Yag Lasers. These numbers may not be familiar to our clients, but it means that we can treat all skin types safely and effectively. While we assure you that these two lasers are the best in the world for hair removal, it is always a good idea to do your own research. Read reviews and educate yourself on the various lasers.

Hair grows in layers and stages. As the layer arises to the surface we have to hit each follicle in the active stage of growth. This is why it may take 6-10 months to remove all the hair. Also know that in one square inch of skin there are roughly 1,200 hair follicles. That’s a lot of work for us, but we love the challenge! We have lasers not IPLs (Intense Pulse Light). IPLs are lights that hope to find and damage a follicle. A laser shoots out a beam that finds the bulb and or follicle by the color and starts to destroy them. We are pretty proud of our lasers!

A lot of people ask if it hurts. The follicle does heat up and you do feel that.  For those with lower pain tolerances, we offer a prescription grade numbing cream to ease the pain.  Many of our clients do not mind the slight discomfort knowing that the hair being removed.


We always recommend that you do a free consultation with us to not only meet our staff but also learn about our lasers.  Call us to schedule your free consultation at our convenient Downtown Denver spa.


Laser hair removal is such a beautiful thing!

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