Denver Pigmented Lesions/Hyperpigmentation Laser Removal Treatment

Denver-toe-fungus-removal-laserThe active lifestyles that can come with living in beautiful sunny Colorado may also bring sun damage! Some men and women have sun damage or hyperpigmentation on various parts of the body caused by being outdoors without sunscreen.  These types of skin issues are common when you are so close to the sun like we are in Colorado.  Some of our clients are just plain sun babies who grew up bathing in baby oil and laying out all day! We didn’t understand the effects of the sun back then.  However, we now know the potential adverse effects and how to treat them.

The areas commonly prone to damage are the face, chest, neck, arms and hands. Once these areas have been evaluated to rule out malignancy, they can safely be treated with our Cynosure Elite Alexandrite Laser. The dark spots and or lesions instantly become darker after being treated and flake off the skin in roughly 10-14 days after treatment. This laser skin rejuvenation treatment leaves no scarring and heals very nicely. You can apply makeup to cover up any area that may not be esthetically pleasing.

The treatment is not painful, but does feel slightly hot. We offer prescription numbing creams, if needed. We also will guide you in selecting the ideal products to ensure fast and smooth healing. We always recommend using at least a 50 SPF during the healing process and continue to wear sunscreen daily to avoid further damage.

We can achieve roughly 80% percent reduction with just one session and occasionally will do another treatment approximately 6-8 weeks later if necessary to ensure success!

This treatment is one of our favorites! It is simple and painless which gives amazing results. We always recommend you come into the spa to meet our staff, learn about our awesome lasers and make sure you feel comfortable with us.  Call us for a free consultation at our convenient Downtown Denver location.  We do offer a glass of wine to ease the nerves if needed!

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