Denver Spider Vein/Capillary Removal Treatments

Spider veins are those blue or red veins that spread out like tree branches. They can be on the legs, thighs, ankles, or face.  Spider veins can be genetic or caused by poor circulation, standing or sitting for long periods of time, hormones, birth control pills, sun exposure, blood clotting problems, or any condition that causes pressure in the abdomen.  Studies have shown that roughly 30% of our population has some sort of vascular lesion issue. They can sometimes be inflamed and irritate the skin. Leg spider veins affects up to 80 million adults in United States alone. Sometimes take over a body part can be frustrating to have.

We use our 1064 Yag Laser to remove spider veins.  The laser targets the problem veins while avoiding the surrounding areas. After the treatment is done the vessel will naturally disappear. The laser allows the blood to absorb back into the body.   We realize that living in an active city like Denver, Colorado makes us more body-conscious.  Our clients gain more self-confidence in their appearance with these treatments.

This treatment can be uncomfortable just like any other laser treatment, but is one of our and our client’s favorites because you can see the vein empty out right as the treatment is being performed.  It is important to note that results can vary.  Using the Cynosure Elite for this treatment is not a cure, but can fade, reduce and or completely eliminate veins and capillaries.  It may take 1-4 treatments in 6-8 week intervals to get the desired result. The service takes anywhere from 10-30 minutes depending on how much work is to be done.

Sun exposure needs to be avoided just prior to treatment and the area must be clean the day of the service. We always recommend coming into the spa to have a free consultation.  Rhianna’s is conveniently located in Downtown Denver.  Call us for a consultation to meet our staff and learn about our lasers and services.

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