Denver Laser Toe Fungus Removal Treatment


Denver toe fungus removal laserToe fungus is a very common disease, especially in Denver Colorado.  Many Coloradans live such active lifestyles, and enjoy activities such as hiking, biking and skiing which could cause injuries to toenails. When nails are injured they become vulnerable and susceptible to fungus and molds. This condition can also affect fingernails as well.  Fungus and mold easily spread.  Some clients get this disease from being exposed to fungus by sharing nail clippers or other tools that are used on nails. Approximately 10% of our populations have this disease.

Determining whether you have toenail and/or fingernail fungus is pretty easy.  If the nail is becoming thick, hard, or discolored, these could be signs of fungus.  Fungus can be black, very white, yellow, or green. If the fungus has been present for a while it could start to make the nails so brittle that pieces of the nail come off and may result in loss of the entire. Sometimes, untreated fungus may spread to the skin.  If you start to see a rash or itch around the nail bed that is infected, it could be an indicator you now have fungus growing in your skin.

We use our 1064 Yag Laser to heat and kill the fungus, combined with a topical anti-fungal prescription that our clients use at home twice a day. This treatment can take 5-12 months depending on how much the fungus has overtaken an area. The goal is to stop the fungus from taking over any more of the nail bed. Once we start to gain control and stop it from spreading, healthy nail starts to grow and push out the old nail parts that are diseased.  It does require the client to be very committed to coming in at least once a month for laser treatments, as well as applying the medicine every day.

We strongly recommended that our Denver clients try this service first before taking anything orally that could potentially damage internal organs, etc… Fungus is hard to tackle, but we have seen much success from these treatments!

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